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Smart Light Pro

Updated:2015-08-08 19:33:07
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Smart Light Pro is the 5th set of Smart Tools collection (LED, magnifier).

It includes Smart Flashlight and Smart Magnifier.

Have you ever needed a simple and handy flashlight app? Smart Flashlight is the answer.

This flashlight app has only two features with no settings and no special effects!

- LED light : if your phone has camera LED, you can turn on the LED as a torch.
- Screen light : you can turn your screen into a brilliant light source. It is enough to find your way in the dark.

When you want to magnify small things and words, Smart Magnifier is the answer, too.

This magnifier app turns your phone into an Magnifying Glass by using camera zoom, auto-focus and LED flash.

I tried to support almost android devices. If your device does not work properly, please send an email. I will try to support most android devices.

* Do you want more tools?
Get [Smart Tools] package.

For more information, see the manual, Youtube video and the blog. Thank you.