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The Best Law Manager for Android. Download the free application with the Constitution of United States of America, The Articles of Confederation, The Declaration of Independence and more free documents.

For lawyers, officials, students, dissidents and any citizen who wants to know the laws.

Laws and codes available in the U.S.:
- Constitution of the United States of America
- Constitución de los Estados Unidos de América (o)
- California Constitution, Family Code, Labor Code, Penal Code, Business and Professions Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Commercial Code, Corporations Code, Education Code, Elections Code, Evidence Code, Financial Code, Government Code, Health and Safety Code, Insurance Code, Probate Code, Public Contract Code, Vehicle Code, Water Code, Streets and Highways Code, Unemployment Insurance Code.
- Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
- Texas Penal Code
- Florida Statutes
- Florida Rules of Civil Procedure
- US Code Title 1 General Provisions (o)
- US Code Title 2 The Congress
- US Code Title 3 The President (o)
- US Code Title 4 Flag and Seal, Seat Of Government, and the States (o)
- US Code Title 5 Government Organization and Employees
- US Code Title 6 Domestic Security
- US Code Title 8 Aliens and Nationality
- US Code Title 9 Arbitration (o)
- US Code Title 10 Armed Forces
- US Code Title 11 Bankruptcy
- US Code Title 13 Census (o)
- US Code Title 17 Copyrights (o)
- US Code Title 18 Crimes and Criminal Procedure
- US Code Title 19 Customs Duties
- US Code Title 23 Highways (o)
- US Code Title 24 Hospitals and Asylums (o)
- US Code Title 27 Intoxicating Liquors(o)
- US Code Title 35 Patents (o)
- US Code Title 41 Public Contracts (o)

Laws available soon in civil, criminal, labor laws for USA FREE:
- Federal Laws (U.S. Code, etc.).
- Declaration of Independence.
- Articles of Confederation.
- More Codes for several States: Illinois, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, etc. Just send us an email or feedback and we will do the work for you!!.

New in version 4.8:
- VERSIONS: Now you can see previous versions of the law or code, and not just the last updated version.
- TEXT OPTIONS: At last you can change the font size of the reader, as well as color, background color and brightness of the screen.
- Law agrupation
- Faster Search
- Send articles by email or social network.
- Laws of different countries: United States, Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Chile..
- Share on Facebook, Twitter or any social application installed on your mobile.
- New laws.
- Bookmarks for articles

- Read offline. No need to be connected to internet.
- Navigation between pages by dragging on pages to the right or to the left.
- Search by words, articles, title, chapters or books.
- Law library available.
- Send feedback, suggestions or comments.
- Last search words list.
- Large list of laws and codes for Spain:
* Civil Code (spanish)
* Penal Code (spanish)
* Criminal Code (spanish)
* Spanish Constitution (spanish)
* Bankruptcy Law (spanish)
* Immigration Act 2000 (spanish)
* Labour Procedure Act (spanish)
* Violence Against Women Act
* General Penitentiary Law
* Prison Rules, 1996
* Canary Islands - Ecological Impact Prevention Act
- Laws and codes available for France:
* Constitution du 4 octobre 1958
* Code civil
* Code de commerce
* Code de la famille
* Code de la route
* Code de procédure civile
* Code de procédure pénale
* Code des douanes
- Laws and codes available for Brasil
- Laws and codes available for Italy
- Laws and codes available for Mexico

Comming soon features:
- Forum.
- Notes on articles.
- Comparison between articles for the study of law.
- Translation of codes

For any suggestions or requests:
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