SpeakYourMind Icon Pack

SpeakYourMind Icon Pack 1.0.0

SpeakYourMind Icon Pack

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 10:39:43
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Want to say something? Speak your mind with this icon pack full of different personality types wanting to say something, maybe you're feeling frisky, change it up with different icons by the day, there's at least one icon in here that reminds us the most of ourselves, go on... find yours!!! :)

This icon pack can only be used with CrazHome's Icon Configurator:

You must have CrazyHomeLite or Pro to get the FULL effect of this icon pack.

PLEASE NOTE: Themes/Icon Packs do NOT open directly, you must APPLY them through one of those home launchers listed above.

This icon pack has over 50 icons - to use all the icons you can use CrazyHome's icon configurator.

How to use CrazyHome's Icon Configutaor:
From your phone's home page, go to Settings>Crazy Menu>Appearance>Icon Configurator>Select and icon you with to change, select "Change Icon", the Icon Packs screen will appear, select the theme of the icons you want to use>SpeakYourMind (for example), all the icons will appear, select the icon you'd like to use and wah-lah! Done! :)

Please rate and comment on my customizations, if you have any questions or concerns please note that I cannot reply to comments, if you wish to get a reply, please email me: scscreations@gmail.com

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