Speaking English Level ONE

Speaking English Level ONE 1.0

Speaking English Level ONE

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 22:46:23
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Updated: SD Card Save Support (android 2.2 version)

New UI Design

This app is designed to help you practice English through speaking and recording 900 basic sentences.

You can memorize all the sentences through series one to six. Each series include 150 sentences.
900 English Memorizer Categories are the following;
1. Greetings 1-15
2. Classroom Expressions 16-30
3. Identifying Objects 31-45
4. Identifying Objects 46-60
5. Identifying People by Occupation 61-75
6. Introductions and Courtesies 76-90
7. Day and Month of the Calendar 91-105
8. Talking about Objects 106-120
9. Telling Time 121-135
10. Talking about Dates 136-150

You can achieve your dream to memorize all the basic English sentences to be used in the daily life by using speaking and recording practice not by writing and reading.

Most of us speaking English as a second language have the experience of not being satisfied with our English pronunciation. It made us hesitate to use English in front of people and our speaking English abilities were not improved despite of long years of studying English.

Any where, any time, you can follow speaking English loudly by listening the clear pronunciation of the native English speaker and record your English pronunciation continuously until you feel perfect. As soon as you finish recording, you can compare the pronunciation of native speaker and yourself. It makes you recognize your frequent incorrect pronunciation habits instantly and correct them easily by repeated practise. This method of learning English is frequently called Shadow speaking.

The following steps in the picture will be helpful to understand how to use this application.