Speaking clock DVBeep

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Speaking clock DVBeep

Updated:2015-08-08 18:32:33
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Speaking clock or clock beeper. This application pronounces what time is it or gives the time signal, the time span is from 1 min to 1 hour.

!!!You should install this app in the storage of your mobile phone,
The hour of starting this program should be less than the present hour and the hour of finishing of this app should be more than present hour,
after installation you should restart you phone!!!

The signal beep is included in program, but you
can choose other signal or use woman's agreeable voice, which will pronounce the time.

There is version of this program for Android 2.1 at official site.

- pronounces the time( you can disable it)
- flexible settings
- widget for startup/stop of app
- vibration and its setups
- choice of week's days for working
- time span from 1 minute to 1 hour
- choice of your own signal for every hour
- setup of quite time, the app is silent during given time span (e.g. at night)
- playing of inbuilt signal or choice your own
- volume and vibration control, - chance to listen selected signal
- you can choose your own sound level for specified time stan, e.g. in the evening you can choose quite signal
- inbuilt information

Comments and wishes you can find at offsite http://dimonvideo.ru/android/334296 , (at other supplies I do not answer).
Software developers is DimonVideo (version 2 and newer, optimization, rework, new functions).
Icon is drawn by boroda from dimonvideo.ru.
Thank for help of program's debug Vladimir Kutz.

The order of the site DimonVideo.ru

The developers answer only comments at offsite and wishes and offers.

If you want to see this program in your native language, (including pronunciation of the time)- you will write at my mail and I will send you resources for translation.
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