Spy Camera Advanced Version

Spy Camera Advanced Version 1.40

Spy Camera Advanced Version

Author:Liu Zhonglin
Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 03:41:04
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Fake preview, no sound, silent snap, fake record file, well hidden, no trace.

Want to take picture in publish, want to take a picture when you meet a pretty hot girl. Try this one, no one know you are taking picture.
After installation, the app name will be displayed as MyNote. You need to set a password when you first install it, and after that input the correct password, then you will get the correct app console, Otherwise it is a disguised fake app.

Now, no one but you will even know you own a spy camera app. This is very important in case someone gets a hold of your phone and starts poking around. The true function of this app is a spy camera.

You can click the "View More Applications" in this page to find my another silent spy camera. This app is the advanced version of that app.

What's the difference compared to other spy camera apps?

1. You need to input password to start the app. Wrong password will display nothing just a fake app.

2. Another biggest difference is, this app will hide your record into some fake pictures, so no real record! Without password, no body can view what you have snapped.

3. Scheduled snap. You can set a timer to have your phone start taking picture or video even in an empty room. (Only for paid version). Turn your phone into a spying or listening device!

4. Multiple fake screen selections for you. You also can request developer to change it by email if you have better idea for the fake screen.

5.Continuous shooting. App can take pictures automatically. This is my most liked feature. I often hold my phone in the bus station or subway train with this mode. LOL. (Only for paid version).

Take picture or video with no preview no taken image no shutter sound no flash and no real record file, totally no trace. Multiple fake screen selections to hide the camera action. App name is shown as MyNote. Totally sneaky and well faked screen style. Compared to: SilentSnap, Silent Camera, Spy Camera, sneaky camera, One Eye.

The silent mode may fail because some country-law forbids this action. If it fails, please do not leave a comments in market, but do mail me your phone type. If you just leave a comments in market, I can not resolve it for you.

For videos recorder, if you do not care about the hidden preview function, you can try with my private camera app, that app support HD-video record. This app need to hide the preview of camera, so it do not support the HD-video recorder.

Disclaimer: App is for entertainment purpose only. Illegal use is strictly prohibited.