Squidget 1.1.7


Author:Avi Stone
Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 02:35:32
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Finally a widget for Android that controls your Squeezebox!

Squidget is a cool widget collection that allows you to control SqueezeBox players. The widgets are used as a convenient replacement to the standard SqueezeBox remote control. It's cheaper than battery replacement for your IR remote - which you will not look for anymore.

The widgets are available in different sizes (4x1, 2x2, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4 & 3x3) for all Android devices running Android OS 1.5 and up having WiFi and Touchscreen.
Squidget enables seem-less switching of players and the ability to control playback and playlists. Users can search their music library and select from their favorites.
Users can share the music they'r currently listening to, and post it on their Facebook wall.

HOW TO INSTALL IT: After downloading Squidget into your device, long click an empty area in your home screen, select widgets, scroll down to Squidget (just after settings...).
Select the size you want, and follow the configuration screen.

* Squidget cannot be moved to SD so don't bother trying

- Squidget is intended to replace an IR remote and has some extra features integrated. It is not a replacement for iPeng / Squeeze Commander / etc.
- Squidget has limited Internet Radio support and maybe some other features that are not fully available in my area.
- There are probably still bugs lurking out there. If you encounter one, or one encounters you - let me know asap at squidget.help@gmail.com. I will fix it asap.

Feel free to suggest new features / behavior in this address as well.

From Urban Dictionary:


A cool, usually short person. Always trying to have fun but sometimes can be quite a prankster. Can be annoying at times, but usually a squidget is cool.
Usage: Hey, whatsup squidget!

Enjoy it,
Avi Stone