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Updated:2015-08-08 19:30:31
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Super cards isn't so much a greeting cards app, its a powerful drawing app for making cards, flyers and such which you can share via Facebook, email, twitter, etc. You can use the blank template to just draw.

It's designed for tablets to take advantage of their extra real-estate. It can be used on a phone though. Press the MENU button for extra space...

Super cards is in late beta at to mo. Its still undergoing UX tweaking, so please feel free to take a look and proffer advice. There are email links in the app. or below. app comments aren't looked at.

- lots of templates and clipart.
- draw all kinds of shapes.
- vector based : infinite detail, so you can move and reshape stuff with mutlitouch till your hearts content.
- color swatcher
- lots of pen option
- colour, gradient & bitmap fills
- undo/redo
- cut/copy/paste/duplicate - with visual clipboard
- align/distribute
- share on facebook, email, twitter.
- draw on photos.
- reads SVG (clipart only) (exprimental)
- much more...

This is the first app based on the vectoroid drawing framework. Which an open format and API for making and playing with drawings. more info at (soon).

keywords: christmas cards, new years, greeting cards, draw, vector, photo, xmas, suprcards, supr card, cards, birthday, thanksgiving, new years, weddings, flyers.

similar: skitch, draw something, scribbler, neon draw, picasso, fresco, draw and paint, paint joy, canvas pro, sketcher.