Superpowers 1.092


Author:Jeffrey Monte
Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2013-03-05 21:15:10
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Premium Version Now Available!

Green Lantern Powers Now Available!
27 Green Lantern Skills
Hint: Energy Literacy + ???? = Green Lantern Literacy

From Zero To Hero! ( Based from the popular game Alchemy)

You have your 5 senses, thinking, and moving. These are the 7 basic skills you need, to work your way up to discover your hidden superpowers. Combine skills with another to learn some surprising skills. You can learn to count, alter your DNA, and with other skills, you can even learn to mind control.

Available Powers:
X-Men Mutant Ability

209 Skills Available!

[Premium Version]
> Firebending
> Waterbending
> 283 Total Skills
> No Ads
> Skill Equipment ( Equip the different skills - to see the effect! )
> Stats Display

We will add more powers as much as possible:
Earthbending Skills
Airbending Skills
Guildwars - Elementalist Skills
Guildwars - Mesmer Skills