System ROM Toolbox Pro

System ROM Toolbox Pro 1.0.090312

System ROM Toolbox Pro

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 01:46:49
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PRO VERSION IS AD FREE! (Also comes with more features than the free version)

INTERNET PERMISSION is ONLY used to be able to download CWM zip files from the internet to your sd card

*Most features require you have a rooted phone with busybox installed!* Perfect ROM Toolbox

Warning!! Please use at your own risk! I am not responsible if anything happens to your phone. By installing you agree to not hold me responsible by messing with these features! Do research first if you are not sure about any codes!!

System ROM Toolbox Pro is the perfect tool for your rooted and non-rooted android phones. Some features require root access and others don't.

Build Prop Editor: Edit your build prop files and change settings

Hidden Codes: *Works best on Samsung Galaxy S Phones!* Shows a list of hidden codes for use to see more files and folders on your android device. USE WITH CAUTION! Codes are confirmed working on Galaxy S, LG Apex, Moto Droid (Some codes) I am not sure if these codes will work on other devices. Please don't rate 1 star if these codes do not work on your device!

WiFi Tether: 1 click WiFi Tether to enable your portable WiFi hotspot on your device. Use it to connect to the internet or xbox live. Fastest shortcut.. save you lots of time!

Remove System Apps: (ROOT USERS ONLY!) Remove ANY system app from your android phone. Make sure you BACKUP any app you plan on removing in case you need to reinstall it at a later time. USE WITH CAUTION!! (Experienced Users Only!)

Toggle Flight Mode: Use this to enable flight mode before you go to bed. Stop annoying calls and messages and save on battery life.

Reboot Options: Quickly reboot phone, reboot recovery mode, or reboot download mode. (Requires Rooted Phone)

Process Manager: Don't mistake this for a task killer! This lets you see running processes on your phone and available memory. By tapping anyone it lets you either launch it, see details, or go into settings to force stop it if you need to.

Battery Stats: See information about your battery history. Get details on app usage and battery usage. Look at what is using the most battery life.

Plus more..