T-ECG Doctor Telephonic ECG

T-ECG Doctor Telephonic ECG

T-ECG Doctor Telephonic ECG

Updated:2015-08-08 18:47:06
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T-ECG Telephonic ECG

T-ECG (Telephonic ECG) is a mobile application for mobile devices. It replaces the remote central program for demodulate the audio signal produced by trans-telephonic ECG devices and, displays, analyzes and archives the resulting chart.

Mobile trans-telephonic devices usually record 12 lead ECGs and transform the original electrical signals of the heart in a FM audio signal that can be transmitted over normal phone lines.

T-ECG converts the acoustic analog signal produced by the trans-telephonic ECG devices in a digital representation and stores it in your mobile.

1 - Demodulates the audio FM signal produced by the ECG device and stores digitally the signal;
2 - Reconstructs the original analog signal and play it if necessary;
3 - Displays the complete ECG chart on the screen;
4 - Displays a detailed view of any single lead;
5 - Produces a PDF document with the ECG;
6 - Creates a patient record with basic information (Name, age, sex, etc.);
7 - Sends by mail the digital version in XML format to other device running T-ECG;
8 - Sends by mail the PDF document with cardiologist diagnostic.

- Aerotel HeartView® LIIx10+12x2, 5/4
- Cardiette Microtel® 12x2, 5/LIIx10
- Cardiette Microtel® 12x10

Heartview, Aerotel, Cardiette and Microtel are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

For compatibility with other models you can contact us sending your device characteristics via e-mail at t-ecg@healthpath.it.