Takoyaki Ponpon

Takoyaki Ponpon 1.0

Takoyaki Ponpon

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 20:20:10
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Takoyaki Ponpon

You are "Takokichi" who is a guy wants to open your own "Takoyaki shop" at "Dotonbori(Japanese famous downtown)"

You have to serves lots of customer as possible if you open open at Dotonbori.

Serve Takoyaki to customers as possible in a time limit. If you could do it, you can go to the next stage.

Can you open a lengend Takoyaki shop at Dotonbori by filling the hungry customers with Takoyaki and

※Takoyaki Ponpon is not available for Android OS over 2.3.