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The Babylonian Talmud

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The Babylonian Talmud, all 20 volumes
Translated by Michael L. Rodkinson

Talmud Bavli (the "Babylonian Talmud") comprises the Mishnah and the Babylonian Gemara, the latter representing the culmination of more than 300 years of analysis of the Mishnah in the Babylonian Academies. The foundations of this process of analysis were laid by Rab, a disciple of Rabbi Judah ha-Nasi.

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Table of Contents
Explanatory Remarks
Preface to the Second Edition
Editor's Preface
Brief General Introduction to the Babylonian Talmud.
Introduction to Tract Sabbath
Synopsis of Subjects
CHAPTER I. Regulations Regarding Transfer on Sabbath
CHAPTER II. Regulations Concerning The Sabbath And 'Hanukah Light
CHAPTER III. Regulations Concerning Stoves, Hearths, and Ovens
CHAPTER IV. Regulations Concerning Victuals, Where They May or May Not Be Deposited to Retain Their Heat for the Sabbath
CHAPTER V. Regulations Concerning What May and May Not Be Worn by Animals on the Sabbath
CHAPTER VI. Regulations Concerning What Garments Women May Go Out With On the Sabbath
CHAPTER VII. The General Rule Concerning the Principal Acts of Labor on Sabbath
CHAPTER VIII. Regulations Concerning the Prescribed Quantities of Victuals and Beverages Which Must Not Be Carried About on the Sabbath
CHAPTER IX. Rabbi Aqiba's Regulations On Different Subjects
CHAPTER X. Further Regulations Concerning The Prescribed Quantity of Things To Be Stored
Synopsis of Subjects
CHAPTER XI. Regulations Concerning Throwing From One Ground Into Another.
CHAPTER XII. Regulations Concerning Building, Ploughing, etc., On the Sabbath
CHAPTER XIII. Regulations Concerning Weaving, Tearing, Hunting, etc., on the Sabbath
CHAPTER XIV. Regulations Concerning Articles Which May be Saved From a Conflagration on Sabbath
CHAPTER XV. Regulations Concerning the Tying and Untying of Knots on the Sabbath
CHAPTER XVI. Regulations Concerning Articles Which May be Saved From a Conflagration on Sabbath
CHAPTER XVII. Regulations Concerning Handling of Utensils and Furniture on the Sabbath
CHAPTER XVIII. Regulations Regarding the Clearing Off of Required Space, the Assistance To Be Given Cattle When Giving Birth To Their Young and To Women About To Be Confined
CHAPTER XIX. Regulations Ordained by R. Eliezer Concerning Circumcision on the Sabbath
CHAPTER XX. Regulations Concerning Certain Acts of Labor Which Must be Performed Differently on a Sabbath and on a Festival
CHAPTER XXI. Regulations Concerning the Pouring Out of Wine From Vessels Covered With a Stone (Which Must Not Be Lifted), and the Clearing Off of Crumbs, etc., From the Table
CHAPTER XXII. Regulations Concerning Preparation of Food and Beverages
CHAPTER XXIII. Borrowing, Casting Lots, Waiting for the Close of the Sabbath, and Attending to a Corpse
CHAPTER XXIV. Regulations Concerning a Man Who is Overtaken by Dusk on the Eve of Sabbath While Travelling, and Concerning Feeding of Cattle. The Prayer at the Conclusion of a Tract
The Prayer at the Conclusion of a Tract