The Mood of my Girlfriend

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The Mood of my Girlfriend

Updated:2015-08-08 15:14:44
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The Mood of my Girlfriend - It's complicated

This is a LIGHT version of the 'My Girlfriends' App - it does NOT allow you to have more than one girlfriend defined.

Does the world of women look to you like chaos? With this application you might get a glimpse into this chaos, and a feeling that you somehow understand what is going on with your girlfriends, or with your wife. All you have to do to start is to enter two period dates of your girlfriend and you will get the first mood information and mood predictions for each day in the next months. Would she like to get a baby, is live o.k., or maybe it is better to shut up and say nothing because of her PMS? Women love when we know when the next period is coming. This application is a must for every guy - ideal for planing romantic dates, vacations or just to know what is going on with the woman you think you know.

Key features:
- girlfriend data entry can be linked with a Contact Entry of your phone
- possibility to call or text girlfriend directly from the application
- mood predictions for current and future months based on period dates.
- girlfriend's mood display during incoming calls. You can always decide if you want to pick up or not..
- sending period dates via Email - just in case she needs them
- custom mood descriptions. You can set your own descriptions for all moods

If you have more than one girlfriend, check out the enhanced version - 'My Girlfriends'

Tags: girlfriend, woman, period, PMS, fertility calendar, menstruation