The Wall Street Reader (Full)

The Wall Street Reader (Full) 1.0.9

The Wall Street Reader (Full)

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 18:40:13
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The ultimate Wall Street Journal Reader. Access to WSJ FREE and PAID content

The ultimate WSJ reader allows WSJ subscribers to login and view paid content.

As a fan of Android and The Wall Street Journal, I decided to make the WSJ reader I have always dreamed of.


* Access to WSJ FREE and PAID content
* No advertising
* Off line reading of articles
* Simple, clean and fast user interface
* Photos and slideshows
* Videos (if you have flash support)
* Podcasts
* SD Card support
* Favorites to save your favorite articles and read them off line
* Font size selector for enhanced reading
* WSJ home feed and region selector
* Free upgrades

Your privacy is respected at all times. No information is disclosed to third parties.

This application is not the official Wall Street Journal Application.

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