The World's Ultimate Brain

The World's Ultimate Brain 1.1.9

The World's Ultimate Brain

Author:Ivan Kulic
Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-05 19:53:59
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Do you have "The World's Ultimate Brain"?
In this award winning brain teaser you are taken through a variety of mini brain games where you test your abilities in 4 areas of your brain: Calculation, Memory, Logic and Visual Perception.
Scores from each of these games sum to a total score which represents power of your brain. This game is great brain trainer which will boost your brain power and you will soon notice how quick and easily you can improve your brain fitness.

CNET Editors' review rating: Excellent
"World's Ultimate Brain is a nice piece to add to your app drawer, if you're into puzzle games and brain teasers."

Telekom Austria - Creating Apps, October Top Member App
"A good app does not necessarily have to be a super serious productivity booster. Sometimes it is all about a little fun and entertainment. The World's Ultimate Brain is a plain intelligence test in a nice graphic package connected to a scoreboard to trigger your sense for competition. "

Won award on VIP Challenge 3 competition organized by VIP Mobile.

Key features include:
- 4 game types : Calculation, Memory, Logic and Visual.
- 4 game mods: Classic, Survivor, Endurance and Specialty .
- 3 brain power-ups.
- 16 Achievements to unlock.
- Hall Of Fame, the place reserved for the smartest players in the world.
- Global, day and friends rankings provided by Scoreloop, for each of 4 game mods.
- Integration with Facebook and Twitter provided by Heyzap and Scoreloop.

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