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The film "The Spy"

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"The Spy" - the Russian feature film adaptation of the book by Boris Akunin "spy novel". Released in rent in Russia: April 5, 2012. Closed premiered on April 2.

Spring 1941. Nazi Germany is preparing for an attack on Soviet Russia. Before the German agent "Vasserot 'task is to convince top management of the Soviet Union, that prior to 1943 will be no war. Relaxed repression of Soviet counterintelligence at the cost of tremendous effort captures a spy, but it's too late ...

Danila Kozlovsky (Egor Doreen)
Fyodor Bondarchuk (October - Senior Major of State Security)
Vladimir Yepifantsev (Lieutenant Cogan)
Victoria Tolstoganova (Petrakovich)
Victor Werzhbitskiy (Lezhava)
Andrew Merzlikin (Karpenko)
Catherine Miller (Love Serov)
Anna Chipovskaya (Nadia)
Dmitry Nazarov (Nadia's father)
Mikhail Filippov (Leader)
Sergei Gazarov (Commissar)
Alexei Gorbunov (Selentsov)
Boris Kamorzin (the driver of the NKVD)
Alexander Kuznetsov (NKVD)
Eka Hoffmann (Hitler)
Edgar Belka (Admiral Canaris)
Schulthess, Felix (the driver of Admiral Canaris)

Director - Alexey Andrianov
Producers - Leonid Vereshchagin, Sergei Shumakov
Writer - Vladimir Valutsky
Art Director - Victor Petrov
Operator - Dennis Alarcon Ramirez

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