TouhouCirnoAlarm 1.0


Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-07 13:57:15
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It's here! The alarm clock app with the voice of Touhou Project's Cirno the Ice Fairy!!
It's "Touhou's Cirno the Ice Fairy Alarm"!

A total of 30 perfectly recorded alarms to wake up to!!
And as the voice of Cirno... You know her from "Cirno's Perfect Math Class"... The talented miko!

Who knows? Maybe by waking up with this app you will become as smart as the genius Cirno?!

This product was developed with the express consent of Team Shanghai Alice.

Alarm example:
1.2.9! 1.2.9!
I am not stupid! Those who call others stupid are stupid!
Hey, aaall you dumb humans! Waaake uuup already!

We really went all out with these recordings!
You won't believe how many different lines we've recorded for you!

Don't feel like getting up just yet? No worries, we can help!
Just choose one of our many invigoratingly authoritative alarm voices.

<3 Modes Available: Lovey-dovey Mode / Idiot Mode / Tsundere Mode>

You can choose to be woken up by either the gentle Cirno or the tsundere Cirno.
This is your chance to see a completely new side of her!
But don't worry; everyone's favorite idiot Cirno is also here and doing just fine! Ha, ha, ha!

Wake up to your favorite image of Cirno!
In the Image Selection Mode you can browse the gallery for images of Cirno you want to set up for your "Alarm Screen, " "Snooze 1 ~ 5 Screen" and "Awake Screen."
Each image comes with 3 voice alarm patterns played at random.

This app's voices are all Japanese.
If you cannot understand in Japanese, you may not buy it.