TravDroid 2.0.1


Author:Dmitry D.
Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-04 17:13:30
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TravDroid is a fast way to control your account's villages .
With this app you can:
- Only Travian V4 capable!
- Multi account(2 for free version)
- Send troops (Donation version)
- View/Upgrade resources
- View/Upgrade buildings
- Hero Adventures
- Build new buildings
- Create/researche troops
- View troop's movements
- View production
- View troops
- Read Igm messages

Sorry for long time without upgrades.

If you find this app useful to you and want to remove adds, please consider making a donation by purchasing the "Donation Version" here:

*One of the reason of use this app is the traffic low consumption and fast loads (No images, CSS or JavaScript are loaded)!

For bug reports and suggestions please send email to:

Note: I'm not responsible for any damage caused with your Travian account.