USB Mass Storage Watcher

USB Mass Storage Watcher 1.1.2

USB Mass Storage Watcher

Platform:Android 1.5 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 19:12:21
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--- For Root Users With Proper Kernel Only ---
Frustrated by the lack of mass usb storage mounting in your android device? Well look no further. Now you can. You'll now recieve standard android notifications when you connect your device via usb. Mount and unmount with ease.

And as an added feature now you can automatically mount your sd card. Just plug your device in and up comes the file window on your computer. (this feature can come in handy for any rooted device)

---- ATTENTION ----
This will only work on rooted devices and requires a kernel that has the ums enabled. For Xoom users this means a kernel like Tiamat <= 1.40) For other rooted devices enjoy automount.