Ultimate GPS tracker PRO

Ultimate GPS tracker PRO 1.1

Ultimate GPS tracker PRO

Platform:Android 2.1 - 2.3.3
Updated:2011-09-22 07:08:50
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This app will send your GPS location to GpsGate.com or your own server at a fixed interval or distance that you define.

It can also log your trips to the SD card for later download.
SD card logging allows for a much lower delay between logs, with network the limit is 20seconds, with SD card it is just 1 second.

You need an account at GpsGate.com to use the network features, or host your own server.
You can however use the SD part of the program without having an GpsGate.com account or own server.

The app uses your phones IMEI number to send location data, so you need to register this at GpsGate.com

-Supports autostart on phone boot
-SD card logging
-Distance and duration settings (Log every x minutes or x meters/feet)
-Speed setting (log data when phone is moving)
-Low battery cutoff
-Send to own server

-Gps tracker
-Gps logger
-Realtime tracking