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Ultra Fake HDR Free

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 07:58:05
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Using the pseudo HDR from a single photo, fix clear pictures.
In addition, of course, or a photograph of the gallery! !
While checking the HDR effect clean preview in real time effect, I can also shoot Cha!

For example,
- Backlit, the face of the subject is dark.
I was taken in order light, (I wanted reflectors) dark face
I was taken in a room, I was not enough brightness
I want to photograph Hadehade like HDR.
I want to retouch photos like a beautiful magazine

Photo like this! Do you buried? ?

With this app, you are able to modify gotta clean.
Anyway, you should compare the sample photo.

Tap the camera icon to launch the app. Enjoy HDR camera in real-time effects. If you tap the share icon, if you want to modify the pictures you can save your favorite photos HDR processing.

※ This app is not a simple photo app contrast adjustment! !
If you darken the bright areas, contrast adjustment is usually dark areas brighter. I mean, I can not lift the overall brightness. When you adjust the backlight especially photos, and then we have to fly white background. This app also we would be able to reproduce or clean as when viewed with the naked eye in the picture background backlight like this. (There is a limit of one photo because it gets)

※ There is effective as pictures there is a difference between light and dark.

☆ If Android4.0 operation becomes light and enable 2D acceleration.

※ Note
Although the dark-corrected, if the correction was crushed black pictures may be dark noise riding on the performance of the camera.
You may want to do too much color saturation and saturation adjustments.
· I should not have taken the sun itself.