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Urdu Dictionary Pro-Andro-Apps

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 22:25:55
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A first urdu dictionary for android. use, if you want to know the meaning in urdu

This is a first urdu dictionary on android devics.
Are you studying english and you want to know the meaning in urdu, Then this program is for you. A complete offline english to urdu trainer. you can search any word and then click on it.

1. This version now can be installed on Android version from 1.6 and up.
2. Known bugs are fixed.
3. Multi Screen Layouts support is added.
4. Dynamic Resolution, Now can work well on any resolution.
5. Settings are not more good.
6. Icon images are set.
7. Force close bugs are fixed.
8. Can change the background color.
9. Text color and font customization options are added.

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