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MetroPCS Virtual MasterCard

Updated:2015-08-08 16:53:18
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A Mobile Account with a Debit MasterCard

Use VCpay™ to create different MasterCard numbers for every purchase you make. Your personal account number is never exposed!

You set the limit for each virtual card you create. A card number cannot be charged for more than that amount, giving you total peace of mind.

Virtual cards are ideal for bill payments, internet purchases, mail or telephone orders, and sending money to family and friends.

They can be used online with any name and address, making it easy for friends and family to pay their bills with cards you send them, or to shop anonymously.

Money is not taken from your account until a card is presented for payment, and there are no overdraft fees if funds are not available.

Ever leave home without your wallet? Now you can pay with your phone anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted.

Conveniently load your account with cash at thousands of locations, or transfer money from another bank account.

Only $1.49 per month from your first deposit!

No credit check, no overdraft, no hidden fees.

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