Vibrate Alarm for LiveView

Vibrate Alarm for LiveView 1.0.0

Vibrate Alarm for LiveView

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-07 19:47:27
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This app will launch a vibrate alarm at a specific time.

It will send a notification every 10 secs (you can change this value) until a max of 20 times. To stop it you must read
the notification and press Select Button.

If you need more vibration, set notifications every 2 secs but you will not be able to stop it until the alarm goes to 20 times.

When the alarm is set you will see a clock in notification bar.

Do NOT trust on this app only, use another alarm too. Quit sound and mobile data in your mobile at night to avoid other notifications.

* There is another version for Sony Smartwatch. Youtube video is from smartwatch version.

If you find any bug, please send an email to in order to fix it.

If you have any suggestion, please send an email to in order to implement it.

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