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ViewForce Parking

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-04 21:28:48
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ViewForce Parking, provides companies an economical package for parking inventory and parking enforcement .

ViewForce Parking - takes picture of vehicle license plate, allowing the user assign vehicle parking location ID, violation notes(if any), and timestamp to ViewForce server. The EverView server will also send automated confirmation e-mail with all of the information above, including the attached image that was submitted to the server by the user.

ViewForce Parking - produces daily and monthly reports that will be delivered to the registered email.
Web Interface is also available.

Before using ViewForce ALPR Mobile, please go to ‘Register’ menu and register the application. Please provide valid phone number or email address in order to receive your registration PIN to activate your application and activity reports. PIN will be sent via email or SMS based on your preference after you press the "Register" button. Please use the email method to receive the PIN if registering the application outside of the US.

ViewForce Parking requires subscription for license plate decoding, data and images storage, daily and monthly activity reporting, and other features.

Please maintain 10 feet distance from the camera to the target license plate.

To learn more about the EverView products activity reporting services subscription features and options please contact us at or visit

ViewForce Parking designed for:

• Parking Inventory Management
• Parking Enforcement
• Custom Applications

Please contact our sales team at for ViewForce Server and Desktop Client specifications, features, and other valuable options, configurations, and group subscription discounts.

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Please restart your device after application download and installation is complete.