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Virtual Nail Salon

Updated:2015-08-08 19:11:00
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The next generation Virtual Nail Salon tool is finally here! Discover all the exciting features and an awesome new interface. Use Virtual Nail Salon to instantly try on over 45 different colors! Here are the most exciting features of Virtual Nail Salon:

- Paint with photo realistic nail polish in just a few touches on screen or recolor them with the swap tool!

- Take a picture or choose from album to color on your own hand!

- On-device processing (thereby not requiring an Internet connection) for coloring on the go!

- Adjust shade and shine options to create your own nail polish!

- Full social network and sharing integration with Email, Saving, and Facebook support.

What are you waiting for? Install the app and try it out!! It's just like getting a virtual manicure for your nails.

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