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VitalPlayer Neon Pro 2.1.0

VitalPlayer Neon Pro

Updated:2015-08-08 15:39:14
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VitalPlayer supports almost all video and audio codecs.
This powerful software codecs provide smooth quality video.

VitalPlayer Pro has been applied self-copy protection.
The crack version doesn't work on software codec and some functions.

* Works on Galaxy Nexus(4.0).
*Please try free version before buying.
*This app is ad free version.

*If it can not play, please set the software codec(setting -> decode mode -> software codec or movie file long press).

Unknown error -18 solution
1. Move all the apps back to phone
2. Put your microSD into a card reader
3. Delete .android_secure folder.

- Functionality
1. System mode play(hardware codec use)
2. SMI, SRT support
3. Software & hardware Brightness control
4. Resume play
5. Screen Color(Gray, Green, Red, Blue)(software codec only)
6. Various font size & color & type
7. Screen capture(software codec only)
8. Screen Lock/Unlock
9. File Send
10. Streaming support(http, rtsp)
11. Subtile Sync.
and more.

*VitalPlayer Pro added
. During playback setting
- Screen Color (Gray, Red, Green, Blue)
- Seek Interval
- Screen Orientation
- Font Type
- Font Color
- Font Size

. During playback functions
- Hardware brightness control
- Software brightness control
- Subtitles sync control
The ffmpeg of LGPL is used for VitalPlayer.