Waterfall Spectrum Analyzer

Waterfall Spectrum Analyzer 1.1

Waterfall Spectrum Analyzer

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-05 17:42:22
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A fast real-time 3D spectrogram waterfall displaying different FFT spectrum in succession, which give the representation of how the spectrum changes frequency over time. This tool is useful for engineers analyzing spectral behavior.

*New update*
Increased the FFT size to 44100 samples. Now it's more accurate than ever! Every frequencies can now be detected.

This App inherit many of the same features from our audio signal processing App series.

1. Two graphical displays: 3D Waterfall and 2D spectral graph
2. Fast and accurate: Tested on Droid X with max sample rate of 48kHz with FFT size of 44100, which equates to 1.0 Hz per bin.
3. Zoom in and out capabilities for high data resolutions.
4. Abilities to save and playback recorded data to and from file.
5. Able to transmit recording data over TCP.
6. Five well know Matlab colormaps to choose from.
7. Eight standard windowing functions.
8. Abilities to save settings to avoid redundancy upon next start up.

*Hardware permission*

1. WRITE_SETTINGS - This is needed to change the display from sleeping.
2. RECORD_AUDIO - Data taken from microphone.
3. INTERNET - This is required for transmitting audio data over a socket.
4. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Save recorded audio data to SD for playback.

*NOTE to customers*
Please informed us (idroidbot@gmail.com) if you have any issues running the App on your phone or you are not completely satisfied. We can issue you a refund. Thanks, VT

This App covers the following topics: music, piano, and guitar tuning, spectral analyzer, 3D waterfall, signal processing engineer, FFT, sonar, sound and acoustics.

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*Hardware Note*
Since each phone has different hardware, you may need to increase or decrease your sample rate or FFT size setting to get optimal response.

**** Mini Manual ****
1. Zoom In/Out

The app starts displaying data as soon as you launch it. To zoom in and out, make sure to press the button starting with "Zm" to "Zm On". Once this is selected start dragging the touch screen and release to zooming in. Press the "Back" button to zoom out.

2. To see readout of cursor, make sure to press the "Bar" button to "Bar On" and start touching the screen.