Williams Manual of Hematology

Williams Manual of Hematology 6.0.0

Williams Manual of Hematology

Updated:2015-08-08 19:32:42
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A quick reference distilled from the world's leading hematology text -- perfect when you need on-the-spot answers on rounds or in the clinic. This latest update is based on the 8th edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates.

Williams Manual of Hematology, is a concise and easy-to-navigate compilation of the pathogenic, diagnostic, and therapeutic essentials of blood cell and coagulation protein disorders. Referenced to the classic Williams Hematology, this reference has been carefully edited to deliver only the most clinical point-of-care facts.

- NEW full-color design includes images of blood and clinical specimens conveniently appearing near the descriptive text
- EXANDED COVERAGE of all the lymphomas, genetics and genomics
- NEW coverage of frontline therapies
- EXPANDED coverage of targeted and monocional therapies for hematological disease
- Carefully edited to present only the most clinical, point-of-care facts
- Includes 9 interactive flowcharts which act as step-by-step decision support tool
- Covering both common and uncommon blood disorders, this complete guide includes sections on:

# Disorders of red cells
# Disorders of granulocytes
# Disorders of monocytes and macrophages
# The clonal myeloid disorders
# The polyclonal lymphoid diseases
# The clonal lymphoid and plasma cell diseases
# Disorders of platelets and hemostasis
# Disorders of coagulation proteins
# Transfusion and hemapheresis
# Covers both common and uncommon blood disorders