Wordroid2 Voca(Flash Card)

Wordroid2 Voca(Flash Card) 2.3.02

Wordroid2 Voca(Flash Card)

Author:Youn Hoyoul
Updated:2015-08-08 14:09:12
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more easy way to study words

This application is made for studying words easily based on Flash Card.You should study words steadily for long time.But this job is very hard.So, this application provides several tools to study words. And, it manage the information of word systematically in order to study a word efficiently.

[New Function]
- Loading WordSet from Google SpreadSheet.
- Runnig more fast with cache system.
- Adding Bookmark.
- Changing the layout of the list of Wordset.

[Patch v2.0.09]
1. Fixing the bug related to the settin of Flash Card and Auto Flash Card.
2. Adding options related to check the answer of Word Memory / Word Test.
3. Fixing the bug of scrolling in the select question in Word Test.