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Updated:2015-08-08 18:56:59
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Ye Old MapMaker, hailed by as "The RPG Game Master's best friend" is now available on your iPhone!

Design and print table-top RPG game maps in the palm of your hand. In a rush? Download one of thousands of pre-made maps from our community library.

The Ye Olde MapMaker app works in conjuction with our browser version. With an internet connection you can save your maps to our cloud server and access them from any computer. And if you already have a free account, you will have access to your maps immediately.

► Made for Mobile: The YeOldMapMaker App was designed with a touch-a-drag interface perfectly suited for your phone's screen. Using both thumbs, you can quickly paint out wall tiles and perfectly place your set decorations; creating your next campaign setting or battlemap in no time.

► Save Now, Edit Later: Save your map to your phone and finish later. Better yet, with an internet connection, save it to our server an access it from any desktop computer by using the free desktop version at

► 1000's of Free, Pre-Made Maps: In a rush? Download one of thousands of user-created maps available for free from our community mapping library. These maps are organized by setting; Castle, Dungeon, Tavern, Warehouse, etc.

► Export to CameraRoll: Save your maps to your Camera Roll so that you can print them on the fly or email them to friends. All maps are exported as .jpg with a simple white background that can be easily imported into other graphics programs.

► Ready to Play: All maps will print black and white across 2 sheets of normal 8.5 x 11" paper, scaled to a near 1" size - perfect for mini's.