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Ying Yang Live Wallpaper Free

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 01:50:46
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Taijitu is the Chinese name for this ancient symbol representing the duality and interdependence of opposites in our world.

Rediscover the ancient Yin Yang Taijitu symbol rotating in the middle of a beautiful 3D panoramic view! Switch between virtual screens to admire the view from different angles. You can also adjust the rotation speed from the Preferences menu.


While designing this free version of the Ying Yang Live Wallpaper, we made the tough decision of adding advertisments via the preferences page. This way you can benefit from this relaxing live wallpaper free of charge. However, this requires internet permission.

The Read Logs Permission is required for troubleshooting, in the unlikely event that a problem should occur with the live wallpaper, or when you submit a report via the feedback form. IN NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD THIS LIVE WALLPAPER READ THE DEVICE LOGS, other than for the above-mentioned purposes.

If you like the Ying Yang Live Wallpaper, but you don't like the ads or don't feel at ease with the permissions, consider getting the full version - the Ying Yang 3D Live Wallpaper! For only a small donation you get this and more: you can customize the Ying Yang Image on the symbol and the background panoramic view from the Preferences page! Your donations is what keeps us motivated for maintaining and improving this nice-looking wallpaper. If you like it, please consider getting the full version! Thank you.

With regard to ratings, please consider rating the wallpaper's quality and user experience, and not technical aspects or issues. For any technical questions, issues(payment issues, activation issues, you-name-it issues), bug reports or suggestions I've set up a feedback form accessible from the Preferences page. Feel free to use it, and to include your email address within your message, so we can get back to you. You can also attach device logs to your feedback report, which is very useful for problem troubleshooting. Thank you for your understanding!

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