amo Navi-X for Google TV

amo Navi-X for Google TV 2.1.22

amo Navi-X for Google TV

Platform:Android 3.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-01 22:09:52
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amo Navi-X for Google TV is an application based on the Navi-X Media Browser which is a "content aggregator" that provides access to all kinds of multimedia content on the internet, listed on a public directory of user contributed listings or playlists for playback NOW right on your Google TV!

All navigation is done using your DPAD on your remote. This version of Navi-X was built from the ground up just for Google TV devices.

The default setting is streaming mode and by attaching a USB Storage Device to your Google TV you may enable Download mode. To toggle at anytime between these modes press T or use Menu-Toggle.

You may think of download mode as your own personal DVR.

To move quickly up or down a playlist, simply use your channel UP or DOWN buttons on your remote.

To search, press S and select a source.

To access your saved downloads press D or use Menu-Downloads.

To view details, long-press an item.

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