bitacora-lite 1.0.7


Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 22:15:27
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Your GPS may help you in many ways.

Geotag your pictures and videos.

Record the Track of your trip.

bitacora-lite is a product designed to help you in the use of multimedia devices combined with the GPS.

bitacora-lite uses GiPiES technology.

You will take pictures, record videos and audio and write notes (we call them Elements), related to your daily activity.
bitacora-lite is the FREE VERSION of our product bitacora. It is very useful for tourist, journalists, architects and all the people who want to record (and organize) multimedia information in the field.
With bitacora-lite, you will save the recorded information in Galleries that you will create depending on your needs.
You can georeference each picture, video, audio and/or note to allow a proper location of each element. You can assign a graphical marker to each georeferenced element: that marker will represents its content (as a reference). This marker will be shown on the map of your cell phone or tablet.
Equally, bitacora-lite allows you to use the GPS to create TRACKS. With this feature you can register, for example, a travel through the mountains during your vacations. Later you can select all the elements registered during that travel.
Main bitacora-lite's features are:
Take pictures, record videos and audio and write notes
Create individual Galleries where you can save the recorded Multimedia Information.
Easy to change between four registration options (picture, video, audio and note) from menu.
Georeference elements (pictures, videos, audio and/or notes).
Create Tracks.
Favorites Gallery.
View elements on the Map.
Three ways to select elements on the map: one by one, inside a circular area or choosing a track.
You can add a text to each element as a written comment. This comment could be viewed later when you visit the Gallery.
You can add a spoken comment to each element. This comment could be listened later when you visit the Gallery
Multiple options to visit a Gallery. All the elements in Gallery, choosing elements on the map, choosing by type (picture, video, audio or note), travel the Gallery sequentially, randomly, looping on an element, etc.
Send elements by email.
Upload videos and pictures to Facebook.
Upload videos to YouTube.

Further, bitacora-lite has many ways to use your cell phone or tablet features.
Selection of Picture sizes
Use of GPS and Network-GPS
Different options to GPS signal acquisition (to regulate the battery saving).
Flash mode.
If the GPS is ON and your cell is connected to Internet, you can see, with an arrow, your current position and bearing (direction related to north) on the map.
If SDCARD is available, you can access to pictures, videos and audio, entering to the folder “bitacora_lite _datos” and from there to any particular Gallery.

Limitations on bitacora-lite (maximum values)
Three Galleries (no limitation on paid version bitacora)
Ten Elements (pictures + videos + audio + notes) inside each Gallery (no limitation on paid version bitacora)
Two minutes each video (1 hour on paid version bitacora)
Two minutes each audio (1 hour on paid version bitacora)

bitacora-lite can work disconnected from Internet.
bitacora-lite is available in both English and Spanish. We invite you to enjoy it …