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Updated:2015-08-08 16:30:30
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iLED provides you missed call, sms, email notification with cute icons.


- 8/22
▶[Manual Setting]-[Miscellaneous]-[Fix Icon Location] has been updated. Missed call, e-mail, gmail, SMS icons will be shown in the below of the screen.

- 07/12
1. [Manual Setting]-[Miscellaneous]-[Icon Link] has been added. It will provide you auto-link to run the dedicated applications by click the icons.

- 06/17
1. minor bug fixed
2. [Battery Save -> Advanced Setting -> Single color icon]
ON/OFF feature added.

iLED Pro version povides manual setting which you can get more advanced configuration about battery saving features than iLED lamp.

Aslo you will be able to control the detail features that
iLED provides.