iSell B2B: Your selling guide

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iSell B2B: Your selling guide

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-02 14:49:47
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iSell B2B

'Influencing others to make a decision in your favor'
What other profession requires the persuasive abilities of a barrister, the diagnostic power of a medic, the patience of a saint, the determination of a great leader and the charm of a gigolo?
Selling is a profession that requires a sharp mind, a good measure of resilience and great skill. I assume you have the first two and so we have written this app to help you with the third: to build your skills. It includes:

iSell Biz 2 Biz
A career-building app from Corporate Giant
Prospecting guide
How to kick off a great sales call
Uncovering your customers’ needs
Matching your products and services to requirements
Making a strong and persuasive pitch
Your personal guide on how to sell, again and again.