netMemo Plus Voice Rec. (RED)

netMemo Plus Voice Rec. (RED) 2.4.0

netMemo Plus Voice Rec. (RED)

Author:Team Netify
Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 04:00:29
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Record voice notes on the go and have them sent to your mail with only 2 clicks!

Record voice messages and send them by mail to yourself, or to a friend, with only two clicks!

netMemo Plus Red lets you record up to 60 minutes!

netMemo is for those moments on-the-go when you think of something but don't have time to write it down: start netMemo, speak & send. The recorded sound file is delivered to your e-mail inbox so you can listen to it later. If you're a fan of GTD, netMemo is a great way to clear your mind when items pop up.

Record to MP3, OGG or WAV.

NOTE: The functionality of 'netMemo Plus RED' is identical to 'netMemo Plus'. The only difference is the color of the icon and user interface. Most people use netMemo Plus RED together with netMemo Plus as a convenient way to have two netMemo icons with different pre-set e-mail addresses. Typically one for work and one for private messages.