photobook Kurumi Amase vol.1

photobook Kurumi Amase vol.1 2

photobook Kurumi Amase vol.1

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Updated:2013-03-07 13:56:57
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Series "EX pink"

Chan gravure idol "Kurumi Amase" Featured sexy, cute long-awaited digital photo collection. Her just-released DVD is also an attractive Te still greenly.
It showed me plenty of bold in the body pose preeminent style Bust 88cm, called West 58cm. By comparison she was playing innocently, to look into the amorous expression. You're dizzy from the body tits pretty face is not unthinkable!

Kurumi Amase
May 10, 1991 Date of Birth:
Size: T157cm, B88cm · W58cm · H83cm
(C) SABURO / PAD / Lynx-contents

★ Content
Title: digital photobook Kurumi Amase vol.1
Model: Kurumi Amase
45 pieces: the number of images
NEC BIGLOBE: production and operation
Easy to read further features a photo slideshow! All images can be saved!