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pocket BLU™ 3.7.6

pocket BLU™

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-04 15:59:58
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Blu-ray™ just got a whole lot better! Introducing ‘pocket BLU®’, the perfect utility application to complement your Blu-ray™ movie watching experience.

Works with any pocket BLU® enabled Blu-ray™ disc (including Fast Five, Despicable Me, Robin Hood, Get Him to the Greek, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Jurassic Park, Bridesmaids, The Office, X-Men, House, Black Swan, and Rio), together with a PS3™ or other internet-connected Blu-ray™ player.

pocket BLU® works seamlessly with your network connected Blu-ray™ player over Wi-Fi, and offers the following nifty components:
• Access exclusive content – Virtual Garage, Behind the Scenes, Scene Explorer, Take Control – on your Android tablet anytime, anywhere! (Note: These features are now available on Fast Five only).
• Digital Copies of select movies can be transferred to the pocket BLU device® from the Blu-ray disc or internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Please note that Digital Copy is not supported on rooted devices because of security reasons.
• Provides optimized layout for Android tablets.
• A remote control that operates all on disc features (Playback, Hierarchical menus, Chat, Registration, and Color Key functionalities).
• A graphical timeline that appears when the device is held in landscape mode, allowing users to instantly access any point in the movie. For select movie titles, view the chapter thumbnails right on the Timeline. Double click to view more information and access the chapter instantly.
• A cross studio content listing of available Blu-ray™ titles where select bonus content (Featurettes, Deleted Scenes, Short Films, etc) can be streamed to the device.
• A pop up keyboard that makes all on disc data entry easy and intuitive.
• Rate and Post to Facebook: rate the movie or bonus content from pocket BLU®, and add your own personal comment and post it to your Facebook wall to share it with your friends.
• Now Playing: for select movies, instantly view information on currently playing chapters.

Requirements: OS 1.6+, pocket BLU™ enabled disc, BD-Live enabled Blu-ray™ player, Wi-Fi connection