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Author:MMT Labs
Updated:2015-08-08 13:10:58
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A virtual cigar, light it up with a tap and smoke away.

Had a new baby and wish to celebrate as they did back in the good old days, but hospital policy won't let you smoke?
Looking to celebrate with a coming up marriage?
Doctor forced you to quit but you still wish to enjoy that glass of brandy and cigar at night?
Just want to get a laugh and the "Oh come on, seriously" out of all your friends and coworkers?
Smoke a Philie Blunt?

Well then this is the app for you for all your virtual cigar needs.

Select a cigar band from options list to best define your cigar. Have a suggestion/request for a band, shoot us an email mmtlabs@gmail.com.

Turn on sound, and watch the cherry burn as you inhale on the cigar into the mic.

Ash getting to long, go ahead and tap your phone to ash that cigar.

Options to increase or decrease the burn rate.

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