vcDiary - Secure Diary

vcDiary - Secure Diary 3.0.25

vcDiary - Secure Diary

Author:Vecal Company
Updated:2015-08-08 16:39:44
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vcDiary allows for secure storage of diary with photos (AES Encryption).

vcDiary allows for secure storage of diary with photo on your Android Mobile.

- AES Encryption, photos and notes can be encrypted
- Password and Pattern lock
- Diary with photos
- Custom theme, with weather icons
- Backup/Restore from SD card

Due to Android encryption issue in Android 2.3, please reset your password and unchecked all the encrypted items before doing Android OS upgrade. Take a backup after the upgrade

Keywords: encrypt, note, photo, diary, GTD, password, backup, restore

Password protection protects your app from un-authorized access only, it doesn't protect your data.
If you want your data to be safe, encryption is the solution.

To upgarde from vcDiary-Lite, please backup to SD card from vcDiary-Lite Settings screen and restore from SD card in vcDiary.

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