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AppMaker And HelpDesk Bundle

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Build database applications. No programming required. AppMaker provides a great end user experience for your database. Your new application and the data are both stored in the database. This means the client software is installed once only and your application can be updated often. Redeploying the client software is not necessary as updates will appear auto-magically. (Note: magic is not really used, but the process will appear magical to your users).

Feature Rich Software:

The primary focus of the AppMaker software has been to allow the developer to create feature rich software for their end users. Each end user can modify their data views to group or sort based on their needs. AppMaker saves these views and automatically applies them when the user next visits the screen. We have been very careful to give users many options while still not allowing them to break the pre-set rules defined by the database administrator or database author.

Multi-user data entry loaded with practical features,
PDF reports built automatically,
Drag & Drop to Excel,
Custom Crystal Reports can be added,
Build Form Letter applications,
Build scheduling applications using the built in calendar. Schedule people or resources.
BuiId HelpDesk or Email applications,
Build image document management (including scanning and image annotations) applications.
Build office applications integrating Word/Excel,
If you like, you may rent your application and become an application service provider.
Complete company branding,
Practical, fast, safe, secure, solid, and extendable.

AppMaker has other abilities that have been created with the database author in mind. These features are not revealed to the end users. We include a full-blown SQL Query Builder to assist with building your SQL Statements, or for less experienced developers, we include an application-building wizard.