Creating screensavers with Screensaver Factory

Added on: 2011-04-27 14:45:37 by: Emanuel

Screensaver Factory is an all around great screensaver development software. It makes screensaver development as easy as 1-2-3.

Screensaver Factory is a lightweight program with a very simple, yet comprehensive user interface that allows users to create their desired screensaver in just a few clicks.

The first thing you need to do is submitting the media files you want to use for your screensaver. The viewing content is not limited to image files only, but it accepts videos and flash animations as well.

One of the great features of Screensaver Factory is the ability to use sound along with your visual effects. You can add your own music and repeat or shuffle your playlist order.

At the "Special" tab of the interface you can add a clock, calendar, rss feed and even set an auto-update link for your screen saver.

Near the end you may choose to promote your company using an url on screen saver exit and even prepare your screensaver for commercial use with all the perks involved.

Finally your screensaver is ready for creation. At this stage you are provided with a preview function that is quite useful if you want to test your work. Interesting enough you can install your screensaver into the Display Properties and also you are able to create a self-installing screen saver package for easy distribution.

We strongly recommend Screensaver Factory for both amateur and professional screensaver making.

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