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Ateksoft CoolCapture

Platform:Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003, Handheld/Mobile Other
Updated:2011-03-15 20:30:03
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ATEKsoft CoolCapture - unique programm for capture your PDA or Smartphone Screen.

ATEKsoft CoolCapture's key features:

- You can capture your Smartphone or PDA screen directly to AVI file (without using Desktop PC)!

- You can see PDA screen on Desktop PC via various programs : Skype, VirtualDub, Windows Media
Encoder etc...
- CoolCapture can capture screen from built-in camera programs, and transmit video to Desktop PC. Now you can transform almost any PDA to Webcamera.

- CoolCapture and CoolCamera uses same installation package (download here).

- Using PDA as Webcamera via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.