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ArtfulBits Inc.

General description

ArtfulBits Inc. is a software company located in Lviv, Ukraine. It has 22 products listed in our software directory.

22 (listed)

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Cascaded Lookup Column
Cascaded Lookup Column 2.01

Cascaded Lookup Column for SharePoint

Downloads: 0
Size: 2.09MB
Image Upload Column
Image Upload Column 2.1

Image Upload Column by ArtfulBits

Downloads: 168
Size: 1.96MB
Link to Document Column
Link to Document Column 2.0

Link to Document Column for SharePoint

Downloads: 0
Size: 2.12MB
Video Column & Web Part
Video Column & Web Part 2.0

Video Column and Video Web Part

Downloads: 23
Size: 2.16MB
Parent Selector Column
Parent Selector Column 2.0

Parent Selector Column for SharePoint

Downloads: 180
Size: 1.96MB
KPI Column
KPI Column 2.0

KPI Column for SharePoint

Downloads: 150
Size: 2.28MB
Password Change Web Part
Password Change Web Part 1.11

Password Change Web Part for SharePoint

Downloads: 22
Size: 2.18MB
Progress Column
Progress Column 2.0

Progress Column for SharePoint

Downloads: 135
Size: 2.01MB
Column Permissions
Column Permissions 2.0

Column Permissions for SharePoint

Downloads: 1
Size: 1.66MB
Email Web Part
Email Web Part 2.0

Email Web Part for SharePoint

Downloads: 3
Size: 2.29MB
Bulk Check In
Bulk Check In 1.0

ArtfulBits Bulk Check In

Downloads: 1551
Size: 2.83MB
BlackBerry UI Prototyping
BlackBerry UI Prototyping 2.0

BlackBerry UI Prototyping Stencils

Downloads: 1774
Size: 11.1MB
Password Reset Web Part
Password Reset Web Part 1.1

ArtfulBits Password Reset Part for SharePoint

Downloads: 21
Size: 2.2MB
Password Expiration  Web Part
Password Expiration Web Part 1.1

Password Expiration Web Part for SharePoint

Downloads: 12
Size: 2.17MB
Cross-Site Lookup Column
Cross-Site Lookup Column 1.83

Cross-Site Lookup Column for SharePoint

Downloads: 135
Size: 1.65MB
aiCharts for Android
aiCharts for Android 1.7

ArtfulBits aiCharts for Android

Downloads: 144
Size: 4.17MB

First Windows Phone printing application

Downloads: 1801
Size: 2.8MB
Public Folder Watcher
Public Folder Watcher 2.00

Notification about Public Folders income

Downloads: 135
Size: 0.52MB
aiSystemWidget 1.5.1

aiSystemWidget - System Monitor Widget

Downloads: 140
Size: 0.51MB
Professional Calendar Web Part
Professional Calendar Web Part 1.52

Professional Calendar Web Part for SharePoint

Downloads: 135
Size: 1.99MB
DateTime Column
DateTime Column 1.4

DateTime Column for SharePoint

Downloads: 0
Size: 1.51MB
aiCurrency 1.2.0

aiCurrency - Android Currency Converter.

Downloads: 156
Size: 22KB