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CAD-KAS GbR is a software company located in Kulkwitz, Germany. It has 77 products listed in our software directory.

77 (listed)

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PDF Editor Objects
PDF Editor Objects 5.5

Edit PDF files just like a vector objects.

Downloads: 188
Size: 8.6MB
CAD KAS PDF Editor 5.5

Edit PDF files now! Write text, delete text

Downloads: 155
Size: 8.6MB
PDF Editor
PDF Editor 5.5

Sie wollen PDF bearbeiten?PDF Editor macht es

Downloads: 108
Size: 8.28MB
Font 2 DXF and G-Code
Font 2 DXF and G-Code 3.5

Create a text and save it as DXF or G-Code

Downloads: 190
Size: 1.96MB
PDF 2 DXF 4.0

Convert PDF files into DXF files.

Downloads: 189
Size: 7.12MB
Paper/Picture 2 DXF
Paper/Picture 2 DXF 3.0

Convert paper drawings/pics into DXF files.

Downloads: 337
Size: 0.6MB
PDF 2 ImagePDF
PDF 2 ImagePDF 2.6

Convert PDF files into pictures (JPG, BMP...)

Downloads: 120
Size: 1.88MB
PDF Reader
PDF Reader 4.0

PDF Reader is a program to view pdf files.

Downloads: 248
Size: 5.58MB
PDF Shrink
PDF Shrink 2.0

Shrink existing pdf files with are to big.

Downloads: 329
Size: 4.05MB
DXF Editor
DXF Editor 1.0

Edit or create dxf drawings.

Downloads: 1532
Size: 0.87MB
Photogrammetric image rectification
Photogrammetric image rectification 1.0

Rectify photos with photogrammetry.

Downloads: 1685
Size: 1.05MB
Menu Card Designer
Menu Card Designer 1.0

Design and print your own menu cards yourself

Downloads: 105
Size: 1.37MB
PDF Flip Pages
PDF Flip Pages 1.0

Publish your PDF documents as flip pages.

Downloads: 141
Size: 3.83MB
BAT to EXE 1.0

Create exe files yourself out of BAT files.

Downloads: 145
Size: 0.79MB
Screen Recorder
Screen Recorder 1.0

Record the screen action and create a movie.

Downloads: 175
Size: 1.17MB
CAD-KAS Word Processor
CAD-KAS Word Processor 1.0

Full featured word processor with PDF Export

Downloads: 107
Size: 1.22MB
PDFs Merge 2 One
PDFs Merge 2 One 2.0

Combine a couple of existing PDF files

Downloads: 166
Size: 0.59MB
Your monster voice
Your monster voice 1.0

Create you own crazy voice effects.

Downloads: 1895
Size: 0.85MB
Stencil fonts
Stencil fonts 1.0

Create stencil letters out of any font

Downloads: 1900
Size: 0.84MB
Dividers and Ruler
Dividers and Ruler 1.0

Draw with dividers, ruler, protractor, pencil

Downloads: 125
Size: 0.7MB
DXF 2 G-Code
DXF 2 G-Code 1.0

Convert the lines of a DXF file into G-Code.

Downloads: 432
Size: 0.96MB
CNC Backplot Editor
CNC Backplot Editor 1.0

Draw the tool movements of your CNC program.

Downloads: 123
Size: 0.91MB
Internet Data Extractor
Internet Data Extractor 1.0

Extract information from websites

Downloads: 183
Size: 0.41MB
Scanned Text Editor
Scanned Text Editor 1.0

Edit any scanned document any lose

Downloads: 151
Size: 2.1MB
Writepaper-Printery 1.0

Design your ruled or checkered writing paper

Downloads: 183
Size: 0.75MB