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Comfort Software Group is a software company located in NY, United States of America. It has 23 products listed in our software directory.

23 (listed)

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Free Virtual Keyboard
Free Virtual Keyboard 4.2

Free Portable Virtual Keyboard (multilingual)

Downloads: 206
Size: 0.83MB
Touch Screen Keyboard
Touch Screen Keyboard 9.1

Touch Screen Keyboard for Windows XP/Vista/7

Downloads: 25
Size: 7.36MB
Hot Virtual Keyboard
Hot Virtual Keyboard 9.1

Virtual on-screen keyboard for any taste

Downloads: 179
Size: 7.23MB
Comfort Keys Pro
Comfort Keys Pro 9.1

Perform routine actions in one click!

Downloads: 402
Size: 7.76MB
Comfort Clipboard Pro
Comfort Clipboard Pro 9.1

Windows Clipboard Viewer and Manager

Downloads: 1737
Size: 4.76MB
Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro
Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro 9.1

Virtual On-Screen Keyboard for TabletPC, UMPC

Downloads: 177
Size: 7MB
Hot Alarm Clock
Hot Alarm Clock 5.2

Use your PC to wake you up

Downloads: 1611
Size: 14.66MB
Comfort Typing Pro
Comfort Typing Pro 9.0

Make Your Typing Faster and More Pleasant

Downloads: 164
Size: 6.29MB
Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite
Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite 7.5

On-Screen Keyboard: Touchscreen, UMPC, Tablet

Downloads: 153
Size: 5.38MB
Comfort Typing Lite
Comfort Typing Lite 7.5

Snippets and word autotext

Downloads: 155
Size: 5.14MB
Comfort Keys Lite
Comfort Keys Lite 7.5

Perform computer actions in one click!

Downloads: 381
Size: 6.15MB
Comfort Clipboard Lite
Comfort Clipboard Lite 7.5

Your personal safe clipboard manager

Downloads: 1760
Size: 4.96MB
Free Countdown Timer Portable
Free Countdown Timer Portable 4.0.1

Portable countdown timer and clock

Downloads: 1733
Size: 2.59MB
Free Countdown Timer
Free Countdown Timer 4.0.1

Free countdown timer and clock

Downloads: 1935
Size: 2.87MB
Free Alarm Clock Portable
Free Alarm Clock Portable 4.0.1

Portable free alarm clock for computer

Downloads: 1528
Size: 2.03MB
Free Alarm Clock
Free Alarm Clock 4.0.1

free alarm clock for computer and notebook

Downloads: 1932
Size: 2.47MB
Free Stopwatch
Free Stopwatch 4.0

A free and fast stopwatch

Downloads: 1532
Size: 1.45MB
Free Stopwatch Portable
Free Stopwatch Portable 4.0

A free and fast Portable stopwatch

Downloads: 1502
Size: 0.97MB
Disable Autorun
Disable Autorun 1.0

Selectively disable specific Autorun features

Downloads: 126
Size: 0.39MB
Comfort Paste
Comfort Paste 3.0

Quickly paste frequently used text fragments

Downloads: 1703
Size: 1.7MB
Comfort Lang Switcher
Comfort Lang Switcher 3.0

Improved language switcher

Downloads: 150
Size: 1.55MB
Comfort Templates Manager
Comfort Templates Manager 2.0

Quickly paste frequently used text fragments

Downloads: 191
Size: 1.56MB
Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard
Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard 1.0

Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard

Downloads: 182
Size: 0.48MB