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LSoft Technologies Inc.

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LSoft Technologies Inc. is a software company located in Mississauga, Canada. It has 25 products listed in our software directory.

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Active@ Boot Disk
Active@ Boot Disk

Active@ Boot Disk provides disk utilities

Downloads: 195
Size: 374.36MB
Active@ UNDELETE 16.0.5

Recover files with data recovery software.

Downloads: 4
Size: 41.09MB
Active@ UNERASER 14.0.0

Retrieve lost data with Active@ UNERASER

Downloads: 234
Size: 0.39MB
Active@ KillDisk
Active@ KillDisk 12.0.25

How to erase hard drive data securely

Downloads: 1805
Size: 39.05MB
Active@ Partition Recovery
Active@ Partition Recovery 19.0.3

Recover data with Active@ Partition Recovery

Downloads: 344
Size: 40.97MB
NTFS Recovery Toolkit
NTFS Recovery Toolkit 12.0.0

NTFS recovery toolkit software

Downloads: 10
Size: 50.59MB
Active File Recovery
Active File Recovery 19.0.8

Undelete data with Active File Recovery.

Downloads: 115
Size: 32.27MB

Unformat hard drive partitions and more.

Downloads: 21
Size: 25.28MB
Active@ ISO Manager
Active@ ISO Manager 6.0.4

Author, edit and burn CD/DVD-ROM ISO images

Downloads: 99
Size: 12.27MB
Active@ Disk Image
Active@ Disk Image 9.1.2

A PC disk image software

Downloads: 133
Size: 24MB
Active Partition Manager
Active Partition Manager 6.0.15

Freeware tool that helps with partitions

Downloads: 6
Size: 12.19MB
Active Disk Editor
Active Disk Editor 7.0.15

Disk Editor - advanced Disk Editor tool

Downloads: 5
Size: 14.39MB
Active@ Hard Disk Monitor
Active@ Hard Disk Monitor 5.0.4

Monitors of hard disk SMART attributes.

Downloads: 153
Size: 10.5MB
Active@ Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burner
Downloads: 94
Size: 7.44MB
Active Password Changer
Active Password Changer 8.0.3

Change password with Active@ Password Changer

Downloads: 215
Size: 24.59MB
Active@ ISO Burner
Active@ ISO Burner 4.0.3

ISO Burner: Burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray ISO images

Downloads: 94
Size: 2.74MB
Active@ DVD Eraser
Active@ DVD Eraser 2.0

Erase DVD-RW, DVD+RW or CD-RW media.

Downloads: 27
Size: 0.59MB
Active@ Disk Image Lite
Active@ Disk Image Lite 7.0.4

Disk Image freeware - Active@ Disk Image Lite

Downloads: 1536
Size: 15.25MB
Active@ ERASER
Active@ ERASER 4.1.0

Active@ Eraser keeps your system secure.

Downloads: 96
Size: 2.09MB
Active UNDELETE Lite Freeware Software
Active UNDELETE Lite Freeware Software 9.0.62

Free undelete software for data recovery

Downloads: 1817
Size: 15MB
ZDelete Internet Eraser
ZDelete Internet Eraser 7.1.5

ZDelete Internet Eraser is a cleanup utility

Downloads: 347
Size: 15.79MB
Active@ Disk Image for DOS
Active@ Disk Image for DOS 2.1

A freeware disk imaging software for DOS.

Downloads: 9
Size: 2.39MB
Secure SMTP Server
Secure SMTP Server 1.0

Secure SMTP server

Downloads: 1797
Size: 2.6MB
Active Floppy Recovery
Active Floppy Recovery 2.0.0

Floppy Disk Recovery Software.

Downloads: 5
Size: 1.39MB
NTFS Reader for DOS
NTFS Reader for DOS 1.0

Previews the files on NTFS

Downloads: 92
Size: 0.69MB