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WeBBusterZ Engineering Software is a software company located in Glasgow, United Kingdom. It has 12 products listed in our software directory.

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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design
Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design

Thermal analysis calculations for Plate Ht.Ex

Downloads: 1735
Size: 9.1MB
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design 3.1.0

Step by step shell & tube ex. design & rating

Downloads: 1927
Size: 9.25MB
Condenser Design
Condenser Design

Thermal design for Shell and tube condensers

Downloads: 32
Size: 8.52MB
Kettle Reboiler Design
Kettle Reboiler Design 2.0.0

Thermal design & analysis for Kettle reboiler

Downloads: 403
Size: 4.4MB
Heat Duty Calculator
Heat Duty Calculator 1.0.0

Calculate the heat duty / heat transfer rate

Downloads: 1771
Size: 0.87MB
Pumping Power Calculator
Pumping Power Calculator 3.0

Calculates the pump power of fluids.

Downloads: 258
Size: 0.73MB
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design

Step by step thermal design calculations

Downloads: 371
Size: 14.21MB
Orifice Design Calculator
Orifice Design Calculator 1.0.2

Size an orifice using ISO5167-2003 & Crane

Downloads: 1487
Size: 20.1MB
Microsoft Excel Protection Remover
Microsoft Excel Protection Remover 1.0

Remove protection password from Excel sheets

Downloads: 0
Size: 19.45MB
LMTD Calculator
LMTD Calculator 1.1

Log mean temperature difference calculator

Downloads: 250
Size: 0.82MB
ChemEng Economics Calculator
ChemEng Economics Calculator 1.0.2

estimate the Net Present Value of a process..

Downloads: 43
Size: 5.05MB
Linear Interpolation calculator
Linear Interpolation calculator 1.1

Linear Interpolation Calculator freeware

Downloads: 261
Size: 28KB